Defending Sex Crimes in Indianapolis

defending a sex crime such as rape or sexual battery requires a trusting relationship between the attorney and client. in short, you need to Find a Lawyer you can talk to openly and can trust. 

Photo by Andy445/iStock / Getty Images

Indiana Code Section 35-42-4 designates certain crimes as "sex offenses." These crimes carry some of the most devastating penalties under Indiana law. In addition to lengthy prison sentences, those convicted of committing a sex crime must often contend with the indignity and life-altering consequences of a sex offense registration. Indeed, just being accused of committing a sex offense can deal a heavy blow to your reputation at work, in school, and community.  

You need to do two things if you've been accused of a sex crime. First, it is essential that you find an attorney you trust and are comfortable with. You are about to place your life in his or her hands. If you and and your attorney can't speak openly and honestly with each other then you're putting yourself at a disadvantage. Secondly, you need to find an attorney who will hold the State's feet to the fire. Every sex offense case is different. What's important is that your attorney is making the government prove every element in the offense. That can't be overstated. Every single element must be proven. Every. Single. Element. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

It's not magic. A good defense to a sex crime amounts to hard work in uncovering the details: the blood labs, the medical records, the DNA, the witness statements, the police reports, the text messages, Facebook posts, pictures and phone calls. If you think you can benefit from this kind of representation, contact me.