Meet Your Attorney

My name is Jesse K. Sanchez. I am a trial lawyer, an advisor, and a protector for my clients. I am also a husband and a father.    


I have been practicing law since May of 2007, in both criminal defense and civil litigation. In the criminal realm, I have represented clients at all phases of the criminal complaint process. From the initial hearing, to the bond review, to the suppression to the jury trial, I have succeeded in resolving hundreds of criminal cases before trial courts in Indiana. 

In the civil realm, I have represented clients in contract disputestort claimsemployment-related matters, and other civil matters. Many of these cases settled in binding arbitration or mediation.


The heart of excellent representation is empowerment. A good lawyer empowers his clients to make intelligent decisions by communicating and explaining the significance of law and evidence. After communicating the relevant information to his client, the good lawyer will then advise his client on an ideal course of action. A bad lawyer might leave his client in the dark or just tell his client what to do. 

My philosophy in representation is to be a good lawyer. It all starts by taking the time to listen to what my client really needs. New attorneys sometimes fail to realize that their clients are often the best resource for information and perspective on a case. For that reason, I endeavor to work with my client to resolve their legal issue. That means communication and real discussion. That means keeping my client well-informed so they can be in control of their case.      


I've known a lot of great attorneys. The best are those who take it to heart, who care about the outcome because they care about the people involved. That's not something you learn in law school. No one can teach you this. You either care about your client's situation or you don't.

My clients are important to me because I choose to practice law in a way that makes them important to me. I choose to be the kind of attorney that I would want to have if I were in trouble. I'll let my solemn oath and the Golden Rule be my guide in this area. That means looking out for your best interests, protecting your life, liberty and property, and defending your rights.

If you need a protector and defender. If you need a champion for your cause, then give me a call.