Defending Crimes of Domestic Violence in Indianapolis

I have years of experience defending Indiana residents charged with domestic violence charges. These cases are often complex, and always necessitate a thorough investigation. If you’ve been accused of a crime of domestic violence you should contact me now.

What You Need to Know About Your Domestic Violence Charge

Can the State Prove it?

It’s one thing to accuse someone of a crime, it’s another thing to prove it.  

The most common crimes charged in a domestic violence court are domestic battery, strangulation, criminal confinement, intimidation, invasion of privacy and interfering with the reporting of a crime. Each of these crimes has specific elements that the State of Indiana must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict and sentence an individual. But what happens if it's just two people and no other witnesses? What if it's a "he said/she said?"

Contrary to popular belief, a person can be convicted on the basis of just one person's testimony. She said he hit her. He said the injuries were self-inflicted. No other evidence was uncovered by either side. Do we call that a tie and throw the case out? Not necessarily. This is what attorneys sometimes refer to as a "credibility contest." And, if the alleged victim wins that contest, leaving the fact-finder firmly convinced in her side of the story, then the defendant may be convicted and sentenced. 

This is why, when it comes to domestic violence cases, the details really matter. The history and dynamic quality of the relationships involved matter. The photos matter. The text messages. The shifting stories and motivations to lie.  At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, your attorney will know how to investigate and look for those details that affect credibility. For a more detailed discussion of domestic violence charges, contact me.  

You Might Have a Defense

One of the most important things your attorney can do for you is to analyze the facts of your case to determine which defenses apply. In the area of domestic violence, the most common defense to assert is self-defense, which can be quite technical. However, there are other defenses as well. At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, we will examine your case so that all applicable defenses are asserted. To learn more about your possible defenses, contact me

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Crimes of domestic violence are rarely simple. By definition, they involve a history and relationship between at least two parties. Often, whole families are traumatized in the prosecution of a domestic violence crime. Unfortunately, prosecutors sometimes fail to recognize what’s truly at stake. Does the alleged victim rely on the defendant for support? Does the victim want to drop charges or feel that they, themselves, are at fault? Will children be affected by a long prison sentence? While a victim cannot dictate what happens in a case, an investigation into the viewpoint of the alleged victim is vital to preparing a full-throated defense and for seeking a just resolution. At the Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez, your attorney will not fail to investigate each matter fully, including the victim’s perspective. To learn more, contact me

Know the Collateral Consequences

Under Indiana and federal law, a crime of domestic violence has a very specific, technical definition. If you’ve been charged with a felony crime of domestic violence, there are several additional consequences. You need an attorney who understands that nuances of that definition in order to help you avoid the pitfalls and consequences that come along with a domestic violence conviction.